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Italy Trip: Part III

Hello loves,

My last and favourite stop in Italy was Venice. When I stepped off the train, my heart almost stopped because it was such a dream come true. Venice is unlike any city I have ever been too and it has always been near the top of my bucket-list of places to see. It honestly feels like you are living in a movie.

We did two tours while we were there. The first was a walking tour that got us lost in the streets of Venice, gave us access to St Marks Basilica and then we finished with a gondola ride.

My mom and I spent most of our time getting lost in the narrow streets and exploring the wonderful city. We went to this old bookstore that has books for stairs. It was so neat to see. My mom is always finding interesting things to do when we travel to make it special, so one day we went to Harry’s Bar, the exact bar that invented Bellini’s. We each had a 21 euro Bellini! The price was outrageous but I can honestly say it was the best Bellini I’ve ever had and it was such a fun experience.

We did a boat tour to the islands of Murano and Burano on our second day. We started in Murano, an island known for legendary glass. We went to a glass making studio and watched as they made a couple pieces. Then, we went to Burano which was my favourite! All the buildings and houses of Burano are painted beautifully bright colours. This is because it was a fisherman’s island. They say that when fisherman would come home from sea, they would have been drinking so they couldn’t find their way back to their home. So, they painted the houses different colours to decipher which was theirs. The island is also known for Burano lace which is very rare and expensive because it takes so long to make and only some people know how to do it. The island was beautiful and absolutely perfect for photo ops.

I had such a lovely trip to Italy and I hope you enjoyed reading about it. I hope to go back again to see and do even more. I definitely encourage you to as well!



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