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18th Birthday

Last Sunday was my 18th Birthday and probably the best birthday I have had so far. I began the day waking up to decorations all around the house. The family, Jake and I then went to Ox and Angela for brunch where I had my very first legal drink. When we returned to the house my boyfriend, Jake, brought in 18 balloons and 18 presents all wrapped beautifully. He came up with such a Pinterest idea all on his own. He had me pop each balloon individually and when I did, a number on a piece of paper with my favourite flower, a peony, on it would come out and I would have to open the present with the corresponding number. He is so creative, one of the many reasons I love him. It was such a lovely day and it only got better when my friends and family attended a BBQ in the backyard. We enjoyed burgers, mac n cheese, wings, and many laughs. When it finally got dark we had our parents drive us over to Hudson’s in Shawnessy. We danced all night and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end a perfect day. Thank you to all my friends and family who made my day so enjoyable!

Much love,


Outfit details:

Dress: Aritzia Pink Shoes: J Crew

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