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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Hello loves,

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and if you don’t already have a present then you better get on it. I love getting my mom simple little things for Mother’s Day that are feminine, cozy and spa related. My sister and I tend not to spend too much on my mom on Mother’s Day because her birthday is only a month prior. I think that it doesn’t matter how much you spend but rather if you are thinking about your mom on this day and appreciating her for all that she does for you every day.

I have selected some reasonably priced items for my gift guide, from very accessible stores at the mall so it is easy to pick something up for your mom before this Sunday. My go-to store is Chapters for any sort of gift because everything there is just so cute!! If you are struggling to find a gift for any occasion, Chapters is the place to go. Also, their cards are so beautiful and they have such a wide selection. I swear I spend hours in there every month just looking at cards.

If you can’t afford to buy your mom something, don’t fret, you can easily do something sweet that will mean even more than a store-bought gift:

Make her brunch that morning.

Make her a manicure gift certificate and do it for her.

Go for a bike ride or a walk together.

Make a homemade card containing all the reasons you are thankful for her.

Just spend time with her and let her know how much you love her.



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