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Italy Trip: Part II

Hello loves,

For the second part of my trip to Italy, we took the train to Rimini for two nights. Rimini is a beach town that really reminds me of Daytona Beach in Florida. It’s busy and fun and there are always things to do. I had such a lovely time just lounging on the beach all day both days we were there. I was so relaxed, especially after having such a busy week in Bologna prior.

We ate piadinas on the beach, a Rimini specialty. It’s an Italian flatbread usually filled with meats, cheese or veggies, and then we had pizza both nights for dinner. We swam in our hotel pool, which is rare to find in Italy and started up Bachelor in Paradise at night which was totally fitting for our time in paradise. It was such a nice break to just relax, swim a little and tan as much as I could before heading to Venice for my last three nights.

Check back later this week for my third and final part of my trip to Italy and until then, have a lovely week!



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