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Italy Trip: Part I

Hello loves,

As most of you know from my Instagram, I was in Italy for 2 weeks this month. I was visiting my mom as she was there for two months learning about Italian cuisine. My first stop was Bologna in the region of Emilia-Romagna. Bologna is best known for their food and I can say after eating pasta for every meal that it totally makes sense. It was to die for! Bologna is famous for their mortadella, tortellini in broth, tagliatelle a ragu, eggplant parmesan and green lasagna. I tried all of them and more, every single thing was delicious!

There was a beautiful park 2 minutes away from where my mom was staying. A couple of times we went for a cappuccino for breakfast or a drink before dinner and soaked up all the beauty. It was a lovely park with little turtles in the pond that my sister just loved.

My mom and I dressed up to go to a lovely dinner where I had amazing tortellini in broth for my primi and steak for my secondi. In Italy it is the standard to order a first course and a second course. The first is typically pasta and the second, a meat and vegetable.

Bologna is famous for having porticos, covered walkways all around the city. They actually have the longest continuing porticos in the world. It goes all the way from the outskirts of the old part of the city to San Luca (photographed above). We took a tour bus up to San Luca and climbed their stairs to see the view of the city of Bologna and surrounding areas (also photographed above). Then, we walked all the way back to the city center, downhill through the longest porticos in the world. It was quite the accomplishment.

I have been trying to quit coffee. I have been addicted ever since I went to France in the 11th grade for three months on an exchange. I drank espressos waaaay too often. But, being back in Italy I couldn’t resist and I am addicted once again.

I wore my favourite pink dress out to our last dinner in Bologna. It was such a quaint little place with so much character. We started by enjoying an Aperol spritz in the park before going to our dinner. It was the perfect last night and I felt totally cute wearing my 6 euro shoes that I picked up at a market.

Stay tuned for more pictures from my trip!



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