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Holiday Gift Guide for Her

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Hello loves,

Christmas is right around the corner and I could not be more excited! I’m kind of obsessed with this time of year. I always like to start my Christmas shopping early to avoid the last minute stress of busy malls and I’m usually just way too excited to wait.

I’ve compiled some of my favourite things and some things that are on my Christmas wish list this year too for all the lovely ladies in your life so you can get your shopping done early this year.

Some of my favourite places to shop for gifts are:

  1. Anthropologie – Home Goods

  2. Urban Outfitters – Clothes and little goodies

  3. Chapters/Indigo – Books/candles/stocking stuffers

  4. Sephora – Makeup and perfume

  5. Nordstrom – Beauty and Purses

  6. Lush – Bath Bombs

In Calgary:

  1. Adorn – Jewelry and Clothes

  2. Plant – Potted Plants

  3. Recess – Stationary

  4. Liz & Lottie – Accessories and so much more

  5. The Livery Shop – Jewelry/accessories and local brands

There’s something on my guide for every price range but don’t forget that anything that comes from the heart means so much more than things that come from a store so don’t be afraid to make a homemade gift or book something for you to do together. Thoughtful gifts are always my favourite and the memories last so much longer than a piece of clothing or makeup ever will.

Good luck with your shopping this Christmas season and don’t forget to keep checking the blog for more gift guides coming your way!



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