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Who is

Lovely Lolo



We are a small but growing team of three females in Vancouver, Canada. Fuelled by Starbucks and dressed in Aritzia, we work to bring femininity and sophistication to small female-led businesses around the world.


Hi, I'm Lauren

CEO | Information Designer

With a Communications degree in Information Design, experience working in agencies, for magazines and quite a few small businesses, I have honed my skills and grown a passion for creating beautiful content for feminine businesses. I have always dreamt of being a part of something that made me feel comfortable,  gave me the opportunity to collaborate and appreciated a good aesthetic. As I've grown, so has my business to something I never would have expected. I am so proud of what I have created so far and I am so excited to see where this journey takes me.

Hey, I'm Claudia
Digital Content Creator

I am a graduate of Blanche Macdonald Center with a diploma in Fashion Marketing. Not only do I love all things fashion, but I have also found a new love for social media marketing and branding. Being a very visual person myself, I find joy in creating content and seeing it come to life on social media. In today’s world, social media is where most people go to find new business and ideas, and I am here to help your business stand out and make it work for you!


Hello, I'm Bryn
Digital Marketing Specialist

Lauren and I met in early 2021 and we bonded over our love for social media and its ability to assist small businesses in their growth of an online community. With my background in Psychology, Data and Marketing Analytics, and client engagement, that potential to mobilize skills from a variety of areas is there and I’m truly here to elevate your potential as a business owner. My personal goal is to make an impact in an organization that lives its values, and Lauren is such an inspiration in this regard. I take pride in my contribution to this woman-owned business and I can’t wait to meet and assist you in bringing your own dreams to fruition!



Warning: you might just fall in love with us.

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